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Surfshark VPN

Need a VPN or DNS for your device? Get Surshark VPN SurfsharkVPN

Surfshark VPN is a VPN service provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Its servers are located up to 50 countries around the globe, including the United States, Germany, and Australia. Surfshark VPN features multiple layers of browsing security, can be used with an unlimited number of devices and has apps for every major operating system.

SurfsharkVPN offers VPN services for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, with additional apps for Google Chrome, Firefox and native apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. Users can connect to one of Surfshark’s over 500 servers located in countries around the world.

Because SurfsharkVPN is a relatively new competitor in the VPN market, servers are largely un-crowded which results in considerably faster network speeds than other, more popular or long-standing VPN alternatives for everyone seeking reliable VPN service provider.

The VPN Surfshark is a cheap VPN with attractive premium features. Indeed, it boasts High-speed servers, unlimited simultaneous connections, no logs and the ability to access, stream or download anything on the Internet.

There are not many details about the team behind Surfshark VPN. Basically, all the information I could retrieve from their website was the name of their CTO: Magnus Steinberg. And from Google, I discovered the company is part of the RIPE Network Coordination Centre.

Reader deal: SurfShark VPN offers a free 7-day trial and 83% off your first 24 month of service, which is perfect for anyone who’s on the fence about using a VPN.

Surfshark VPN

The Reason We Check

As before, the background check is mandatory here at vpnxon. The reason we make ourselves dig around looking for these bits of data is that we want to offer you the real, 100% transparent VPN reviewing experience and not push you towards one provider or another. What you see is what you get.

Moreover, this component of our reviews is sometimes very rudimentary, since some of the VPN service providers (SurfsharkVPN is now one of them) doesn’t give us much in terms of who we are or who runs this. That is why we have to continue our research and, instead of giving up, we can focus on things that matter most.


The Significance of Surfshark VPN

Precisely Surfshark VPN allows you to change your IP address with the aiming of unblocking geo-restricted add-ons. You are impeded to watch CBS, ABC, SportsNet, USTVNow, and other interesting channels outside the US.

SurfsharkVPN gives you full accessibility to automatically replace your IP address with the one from the USA and get the whole number of geo-restricted Kodi channels. SurfsharkVPN is not categorically meant for unblocking geo-restricted websites, but it also powerful in securing your devices and network.

Surfshark VPN assists you to secure all your music and video streaming activities from ISP. SurfsharkVPN also improves gaming speeds while doing games playing on Kodi. Surfshark VPN pride itself in a remarkable way for being incompatible with the below-named platforms.

Plans and Pricing on VPN Surfshark

VPN Surfshark

There are 3 different plans which include all the features the VPN has to offer. You can subscribe for 1 month, 1 year or 2 years and you will get the same benefits, which is nice. But you can’t get any discount on your monthly plan.

I must admit that this one is a bit overpriced, Who can afford a VPN at this price these days? No one. I said it was a cheap VPN and it is: You need to subscribe for 2 years and get up to 83% discount.

One of the most important USP of this VPN is the fact that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections with every plan. So you can protect all your devices and all the devices of your family for the same price. I have not seen many VPNs who provide more than 5 multi-login to their users. You can save even more than what is displayed here if you plan to share your connection at home.

In terms of payment methods, you can use PayPal, credit card and crypto-currencies. So if you really need to remain anonymous, it is achievable!

While there is no free trial, you can try it risk-free for 30 days. And I would recommend you to do so. Because reading my VPN Surfshark review may not be enough. And you need to try it in situ with all your devices to really appreciate it and make up your mind.

Surfshark VPN Free Trial

Surfshark VPN offers a free 7-day trial, however, only on macOS, iOS and Android devices. For Windows PC, the only way how to get a Surfshark app is by purchasing a premium subscription.

But you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. So theoretically you can use the product for free for 30 days.

User Interface: Is Surfshark VPN easy to use?

SurfsharkVPN user interface is super simple, but that doesn’t imply it is easy to use. In fact, it may be quite confusing. Once you open the app the main CTA says “Quick connect”, but you don’t know where? Once you are connected to the server, it is quite hard to tell whether that’s still in progress or done since the logo is pulsing.

Surfshark VPN

The information about your current IP is confusing as well. Is the IP address of the VPN server or mine? Going through the long list of servers is a pain as well. There is no grouping by region or country. Similarly, the settings which are grouped into few sections like Security and Advanced. Not sure why Protocols are not under Security.

Surfshark VPN

Unfortunately, the user interface is pretty bad and Surfshark team should heavily invest in the UX research to make this much better. Especially if you are not a tech-savvy user, this isn’t the VPN for you.


Platform Compatibility of Surfshark VPN

Device                                   Chromebooks, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Movie Platforms                    IOS, Android

Routers                                  DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and Tomato

Web Browsers                       Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Other Devices                        Amazon FireTV

Server Locations & Countries of SurfsharkVPN

In terms of server locations, Surfshark VPN is quite an average with 50 countries are definitely not bad. Here is the full list of the countries.

Africa: South Africa

Asia Pacific: Australia; New Zealand; South Korea; Vietnam; Hong Kong; Japan; Malaysia

Europe:  United Kingdom; Netherlands; Germany; France; Belgium; Switzerland; Sweden; Spain; Denmark; Italy; Norway; Austria; Romania; Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Poland; Finland; Hungary; Latvia; Russia; Iceland; Bulgaria; Croatia; Moldova; Portugal; Albania; Ireland; Slovakia; Ukraine; Estonia; Greece; Slovenia

India:  India

Middle East:  Turkey; Israel

North America:  United States; Canada

South America: Brazil; Argentina; Chile; Costa Rica

VPN Checklist Features

DNS Leak Protection                      YES

IPv6 Leak Protection                      YES

Kill-Switch                                      YES

Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware              YES

Unlimited Server Switches            YES

Unlimited Bandwidth                     YES

Unlimited Data                              YES

Media Streaming and Torrenting Support

Surfshark VPN is highly capable of unblocking any famous media streaming website. It has also an amazing offer of Torrenting.

Below is a clear indication of Media streaming and torrenting support done by SurfsharkVPN.

Media Streaming and Torrenting Support

Netflix US                                            YES

Hulu                                                     YES

BBC iPlayer                                         YES

Amazon Prime Video                           YES

It is recommended to use Surfshark VPN to unblock enormous popular streaming media websites. According to the survey done by the IT experts, Surfshark manages to unblock Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

It is worth to note that Surfshark has the opportunity also of supporting P2P traffic across a large number of its servers. Downloading torrents should not be problematic at all.


Well, we have reached the end of our review on SurfsharkVPN and we can strongly state a few things: Surfshark provides you with a secure VPN, one that protects your privacy as effectively as possible. They are located in the BVI (British Virgin Islands), which is a desirable location for such services.

I hope I have answered all your questions about the company, its services, and VPN clients. As you can see, this is a very promising VPN provider and it’s ridiculously cheap when you get more than a monthly subscription. Because it offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

If you need to protect your online privacy, watch videos and download torrents, I can recommend downloading this VPN. Not only can you use it for all your online activities, but it is also user-friendly. And even if you are not tech savvy, you will be able to master their client in minutes.


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