How to Stream CBC Outside Canada Using VPN

stream cbc outside Canada

If you travel or live outside of Canada, the best way to catch up with the latest news would be to stream CBC outside using VPN.

This national broadcaster is renown for their news programming, movies, and TV shows. However, this programming is restricted to CBC’s home country.

So, what do you do? Well, you can use a VPN to overcome any barrier. Let’s talk about how to watch CBC outside of Canada.

Meanwhile, before we move to the details oh how to stream CBC outside Canada using VPNs. Let quickly looks at some definitions as follows:

What do you understand by CBC?

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), this is the local broadcaster in Canada. The name came to existence in the year 1936, but then it was only radio.

In 1952, a television station of the brand name was founded. The broadcasts are both in English and French, these are the country’s two official languages.

Where is CBC Available?

As it usually happens with local televisions, the content on the CBC platform is restricted to Canadian territories. Therefore, if you are a Canadian who likes to travel or you simply live abroad, you are going to need a VPN to solve the issue.

On What Devices Can You Access CBC?

CBC is keeping things simple from this point of view, as it only offers apps for the main two platforms, Android and iOS which work both on mobile phones and tablets.

It is also worth noting that CBC offers a whole slate of apps designed for different types of programming and services.

What Can You Watch on CBC?

On CBC, you can find plenty of content to watch, whether we are talking about TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, or even live footage.

Why You Need VPNs to Stream CBC Outside Canada

If you try to stream on CBC website through an IP address outside Canada, you won’t get access. Most TV networks are subject to licensing rules that restrict where they can show their content; they use geoblocking to comply with those laws.

But whether you are a Canadian travelling or living outside your home country or just a lover of great TV from all over the world, you don’t have to let those blocks get between you and your favourite CBC shows.

stream cbc outside Canada

Using a reliable VPN is the easiest way to bypass geo-restrictions on CBC content. When you connect to a Canadian VPN server, your new IP address will say, “I’m at home in Canada, eh?” to the CBC website, making the blocks disappear.

In addition to giving you full access to stream CBC outside Canada, a top-rated VPN unblocks other Canadian networks and hard-to-reach streaming services like Hulu. It will even bypass censorship blocks like the Great Firewall of China, and that is still just the beginning of what it can do.

Unblock Facebook with VPN and Reach Your Friends

The tracking protection provided by the best VPNs will keep hackers, your ISP, and government spies off your trail. End-to-end encryption ensures that your surfing is completely private and anonymous, which is crucial for activities like torrenting.

Our Recommended VPNs to Stream CBC Outside Canada

VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow you to change your local IP address and obtain a Canadian IP address. Thereby, you will be able to watch CBC and its apps even though you are located outside Canada. Using a VPN, you will have access to more of its benefits:

VPN bypasses online censorship, giving you access to blocked websites and services such as Netflix, Vudu, Crackle, WWE Network, Hulu Plus, and Pandora.

====> It enables you to surf the web anonymously and avoid being tracked.

====> VPN encrypts your traffic and gives you government-level security.

====> VPN immune you against ISP policies such as DNS hijacking and Transparent proxies.

====> VPN improve your online security and prevents hackers from eavesdropping on your online activity.

====> You have seen what you benefit from using VPNs, therefore, let move to the recommended VPNs to stream CBC outside Canada.

NordVPNstream cbc outside Canada

NordVPN is one of the leading VPNs if not the leading one. It has gained and establishes itself through its amazing services render to his subscribers.

NordVPN combines its security, advanced features, and ability to unlock regional blocks on websites and service like CBC.

This service provider has a network consisting of 5,232 servers in more than 60 countries, which is several times more than any other VPN on the market.

In addition, NordVPN has a range of speciality servers that make it particularly easy to bypass regional blocks when abroad. These include onion over VPN, anti-DDoS, and obfuscated servers, which completely masks the fact that you are using a VPN.

Encryption protocols also include UDP and TCP, as well as SSTP, which helps overcome even the harshest censorship blocks.

NordVPN also provides excellent speed, allowing you to stream all the content you want with no delays or interruptions. It has no limitations on bandwidth, which means you can stay connected without having to worry about speed loss, and you can connect up to six devices at once.

BIGGEST NETWORK: The utility and size of NordVPN’s server network can’t be overstated, as it allows you an incredible array of choice to stream CBC outside Canada. Save up to 66% with our special reader offer.


stream cbc outside Canada

PureVPN is among the cheapest VPNs that are compatible with watching CBC outside Canada. You are also only committed to a 1-year subscription, the shortest length VPN deal on this page.

At just £2.30 per month, VPNXON readers can get this exclusive 1-year subscription deal with PureVPN and stream CBC outside Canada anywhere in the world.

I personally use PureVPN to access watched CBC outside Canada and it has worked with no problems so far.

It was recorded that PureVPN has a large collection of VPN servers across the world, offering some of the best geographic diversity we have seen.

It could use some brushing-up in the UI department, however, and it has a dud of a dedicated streaming server.

SMOOTH STREAMING: PureVPN excels at getting past VPN bans to unblock streaming sites, then delivering some of the smoothest streams we’ve seen. Start your subscription the right way with an exclusive 64% off the usual price.


stream cbc outside Canada

This is probably the best choice for students and users looking for a cheap solution for how to watch CBC outside Canada as their basic subscription starts at only $6.67/month.

They also have a 3-day trial so you can test their quality before making any payment plus they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

VyrpVPN service provider having over 700 servers across over 70 countries of the globe. VyrpVPN have an iron clad encryption protocol and by millions of users.

VyprVPN is the surefire solution for watching CBC as it evades geo-blocking cleverly. Therefore, all CBC lovers would find VyprVPN as a most reliable app to access wider CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) library which contains an abundant amount of video content.

VyprVPN excels at getting past VPN bans to unblock streaming sites, then delivering some of the smoothest streams we’ve seen. Start your subscription the right way with an exclusive 64% off the usual price

How to Watch CBC from Any Location

Step 1 ====> Choose a VPN with servers in Canada. In our tests of hundreds of VPNs, NordVPN has come out on top for easy access and smooth streaming.

Step 2 ====> Subscribe to the service or sign up for a free trial. Download and install the VPN app.

Step 3 ====> Use the VPN to connect to a server in Canada.

Step 4 ====> Navigate to the CBC website, choose what you want to watch, and enjoy the show.

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Final Note

CBC is a great network that features some pretty awesome content, so we hope you will enjoy this workaround from everywhere else in the world you might be. With this said, we conclude our guide on how to watch CBC outside of Canada.

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