How to Speed Up NordVPN Connection

Speed Up NordVPN Connection

Do you notice that your VPNs connection are very slow, therefore you are curious to speed up the internet connection? In today’s article, we shall be using NordVPN as a case study. Meaning we shall be dwelling on how to speed up NordVPN internet connection.

Few things are more frustrating than trying to use the Internet and having everything slow down. Whether you are trying to watch your favourite YouTube channel, join your friends online for a quick game. Are you trying to get critical work down, the slow Internet is the worst.

Encrypting your entire network through NordVPN requires considerable processing power and bandwidth. This is why you may notice speeds that are lower than your normal ISP speeds.

Although the connection may be a little slower you should be comforted in knowing it is also fully encrypted through a secure VPN connection.

There are still several ways that you may be able to speed up NordVPN connection speeds on your router. If you are experiencing slow NordVPN connection issues, here are some ways to solve your problems.

You can speed up NordVPN connection with some easy tweaks, just follow the tips below and you will get back to lightning fast browsing in no time.

Why do I have a slow NordVPN connection?

Meanwhile, before we dive into the details on how to speed up NordVPN, lets quickly look at what may cause the slow connection on NordVPN.

NordVPN notes that when using the VPN service you should expect some slowdown. It is stated that if you connected to the closest server using the OpenVPN protocol you will experience a 30% drop off in connection speed.

If you are using a different protocol or connected to a different server, the speed drop off could be even worse. NordVPN slows down your connection because all of the data going to and from your connected device must first pass through their servers to be encrypted.

Crowded Servers: The more people connected to a server, the slower it’s going to be. This increases latency (lag) and is especially frustrating when you’re streaming movies or playing online games.

Local Hardware and Software: VPN slowdown can be caused by your own home network. If your router is bad, your modem is faulty, your device is low-powered, or if you are running software that interferes with your connection, this could be the cause of all your slowdown issues.

Poor VPN Network: There is always the possibility that a VPN’s network is just low-quality from the start. So if you are using a free VPN, this is very likely the case.

If you are using a paid service, the company could be having issues with some server node you are connected to. This issue causes all of the above slowdown issues and more.

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Symptoms of a Slow Connection in NordVPN

From the above points, you clearly understand what causes a slow connection in VPN, NordVPN inclusive. To fix it up, we need to go deep down to identify some of the symptoms of a slow connection.

Below are a few of the more common things people refer to when complaining about a bad internet connection. Knowing which one is affecting you can make a huge difference when it comes time to tweak your VPN for optimal performance and speed up NordVPN connection.

====> Web pages are slow to load

====> Torrent files are sluggish

====> Online games are laggy

====> Movie streams are choppy

====> Downloads are slow

How to Speed Up NordVPN Internet Connection Issues

Now that you are familiar with what can cause a slow connection on your VPN, you also aware of the symptoms of poor or slow connection on NordVPN as well as other VPNs. Therefore, it is the right time to highlight some of the corrective measures to speed up NordVPN connection.

1 ====> NordVPN OpenVPN traffic can be sent via UDP Protocol and Port 1194 or via TCP Protocol and Port 443.

In some regions or use cases, one OpenVPN protocol may be faster than the other. In heavily censored regions NordVPN recommends using UDP with Port 1194.

In DD-WRT you can find the Tunnel Protocol and Port settings on the Services ====> VPN page.

In Tomato you can find the Protocol and Port settings on the VPN Tunneling ====> OpenVPN Client ====> Basic page. 

2 ====> Change server Location: Try out alternate server locations listed in your .ovpn files folder. To change NordVPN server locations you will need to change the server as well as the TLS-Auth Key, and Certificate Authority.

If you choose a server that is geographically distant from your actual location, it could slow down your Internet speed. Connecting with a closer server may help to lower latency and increase your VPN speed.

3 ====> Restart your devices: Another thing is trying restarting your devices. Your Computer or any other device you use might get tired. Give a fresh start through power OFF and ON might just what you need to speed up NordVPN connection.

4 ====> Restart your router or modem: Restart that old dusty black box that is standing in the most remote corner of your house. If your router/modem is slower because of memory leaks, an old-fashioned restart will do the job of fixing it. Also, remember that VPN connection on a router is generally slower than connecting to VPN from your device.

5 ====> Check your internet speed: Another vital point to consider here is the internet connection speed. If your connection is slow, to begin with, a VPN isn’t the bad guy here.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to run a quick test and check your Internet speed with and without a VPN.

This way you will know for sure whether your VPN is responsible for the slowdown or you simply need to upgrade your Internet plan.

6 ====> Use a Wired Connection Instead of WI-FI: A surprising number of speed issues come down to the limitations of WI-FI compared to wired connections.

If you are using a laptop or PC, see if plugging a physical cable into your router helps with the speed problems. You can also try moving closer to the router or making sure the signal isn’t blocked by walls or other obstacles.

You need a VPN that keeps your private and secure without slowing you down.

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