ivacy VPN Review 2019

ivacy VPN review: Nearly every VPN service providers are trying to offer all-in-one solutions. It is no longer enough for a VPN capable of encryption and securing your private data.

It also needs to unblock websites, offer specialized servers, and come with a wide array of globally available servers. This is precisely what Ivacy is trying to do, at least according to its official website. We are here to check those claims, therefore vpnxon welcome you to our ivacy VPN review.

Reader deal: ivacy offers a good service and 87% off your first month of service, which is perfect for anyone who’s on the fence about using a VPN.

What Is Ivacy VPN? What Do They Offer?

Headquartered in the weird and wonderful island-nation of Singapore, Ivacy VPN has been protecting their customer’s online experiences since early 2007. Despite their impressive decade-plus tenure in the VPN marketplace, Ivacy is still a relatively unknown brand.

Operated under the umbrella of PMG Private Limited, Ivacy is an understandably secretive company. It was 2010 when Ivacy’s technology team was responsible for unveiling the revolutionary concept of split tunnelling, a technology which allows users to decide what traffic is sent through an ISP and what traffic is protected by their VPN.


Media Streaming of ivacy VPN

Considering the importance of media streaming, we want you to know about ivacy VPN capabilities of unblocking the world’s most popular websites. To our surprise, here is the list of media streaming service you can enjoy while subscribing to ivacy VPN.



American Netflix

BBC iPlayer

Amazon Prime Video

Pros and Cons of ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN Pros:

  • Very cheap pricing
  • Secure and safe
  • True no-logging policy
  • Easy to install and use
  • Good customer service

Ivacy VPN Cons:

  • Ivacy VPN doesn’t have a free trial available to new customers.
  • No TOR compatibility
  • Sketchy “money back guarantee”
  • Five Eyes” jurisdiction

Servers and Locations

Ivacy VPN hosts over 1,000 servers and they claim that they continue to grow. Ivacy seems to stick to their word since the server count was sitting at 450 at the end of 2018.

Comparing it to other budget VPN services, 1,000 is blowing the competitors out of the water. What we particularly like about their servers is how they have spread throughout the nations of the world. The servers are located in over 100 nations, no less.


Ivacy VPN Pricing

Pricing is one of the most critical parts of any VPN service. Some top VPN service providers overcharge for their services, but there are too many competitors in the market to overpay for a VPN.

Pricing on ivacyvpn

Ivacy price packages are incredibly affordable. They offer three different term options: monthly, yearly, and a two-year option. The one and two-year option require full payment upfront. Like other VPN services, you have 30-days money back guarantee on any subscription.

The prices range from $9.95 per month (monthly) to $2.25 per month (two-year package).

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Ivacy VPN Benefits overview

Below are some of the benefits you will get from using ivacy VPN service provider. With these merits, your subscription is worth it on the service provider.

Multi-Platform Protection

ivacy vpn review

Ivacy VPN can run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Meanwhile, aside from those operating systems, the service also extends its protecting powers to other platforms like Blackberry, Linux, Xbox, and routers. As such, users are safeguarded against viruses and data leaks regardless of the device they are using.

Reader deal: ivacy offers a good service and 87% off your first month of service, which is perfect for anyone who’s on the fence about using a VPN.

Military-Grade Protection

Cybercriminals utilize network vulnerabilities to steal not just people’s financial information, but also their very identities. This can cause problems with authorities, especially when personal data are used for illegal activities.

To ensure that they do not fall prey to identity thieves, Ivacy VPN employs military-grade 256-bit protection for extra fortification.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy VPN offers users split tunnelling, so they can prioritize more important data traffic. With this, they can better secure sensitive information through a VPN tunnel while regular matters can be handled without a VPN’s cloak.

Internet Kill Switch

Even a single second is enough for cybercriminals to execute their attacks. That is why Ivacy VPN provides users with an Internet Kill Switch, that lets them instantly halt their online activities in case they become disconnected from the service’s servers.

Unencumbered Data Sharing

With Ivacy VPN, users can enjoy unlimited data transfers over the service’s network. Because of this, they can exchange information seamlessly with their peers whenever they need to.

Smart Purpose Configuration

Ivacy VPN’s interface has four categories of usage: browsing, downloading or torrenting, streaming, and unblocking. Users can activate any of these at the time they need them, to ensure that their activities are safeguarded from snoopers.

Security and Privacy

The next part of our Ivacy review covers security and privacy. When it comes to these, Ivacy has gone well above the call of duty, providing their users with pretty much every layer of security and privacy that they could think of.

With multiple protocols like PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2 and state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption, you can be quite sure that your browsing and other online activities are going to be both secure and private.

They also offer DDoS protection, split tunnelling, which allows you to split and prioritize data traffic, allowing unimportant data to go without the VPN, and a NAT firewall to add to the security measures. If everything else fails, they even offer the Internet kill switch feature.

It should also be pointed out that Ivacy keeps no logs of their users’ online activity, meaning that your web activity will remain 100 per cent anonymous and secure.

Payment Methods: Choices, choices.

It is getting better, not only the cheap price, Ivacy offers numerous many ways to pay.

ivacy vpn

They accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies apart from the regular card and PayPal options. They have Alipay, which is very rare to see in VPN providers. Alipay makes it more convenient for Chinese customers to get a VPN subscription.

PerfectMoney and Paymentwall are also available, which opens up more than 150 more options for users around the world. The only things they are missing are gift cards and cash.


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