How to Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

Is it achievable to set up the PureVPN app on an Amazon FireStick or Fire TV? PureVPN is a VPN provider which millions of people use to protect their online privacy as well as bypass regional restrictions while abroad.

Before you proceed, you need to sign-up for a new VPN account. That is because you will need to use your own credentials as soon as you install the app. Therefore, go ahead and sign-up for PureVPN.

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service provider with lightning fast servers in pretty much corners of the world. It offers budget-friendly subscription plans that are packed with all sorts of attractive VPN features.

Many people love to use Firestick to stream Tv shows and movies. However, the Geo-restrictions on some Kodi addon is a problem they usually face.

Just like other VPNs, PureVPN offers its customers applications that can be installed on Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

If you are new to it and wondering how to set up and install PureVPN on Firestick. Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show how to install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick.

Do I Need A VPN For Firestick?

Technically, you can start streaming with Amazon Fire TV Stick without any additional software. However, if you want to increase your security/privacy levels while online and gain access to some of the most popular geo-restricted streaming services in your country, routing your connection through a fast and reliable VPN server is a must. 

Pure VPN Firestick Check

Naturally, PureVPN works with Firestick. This is one of the rare VPN services that also support the first generation of Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

Most of the top VPN providers only support the second generation and up, so if you have a first generation device, PureVPN is definitely the way to go. 

How to Install PureVPN on Amazon Firestick

Now let go into the complete guide on the installation process, but before you get it done, the following are requires of you.

====> Have a premium PureVPN account, if you don’t have one, click here to subscribe today.

====> An Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick.

====> You have a working internet connection.

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Download and Install PureVPN App

Since you have the above in your control, now let download and install PureVPN on your device.

Step 1 ====> From your Amazon FireStick or Amazon TV main menu, launch the apps.

Step 2 ====> Now move to the categories, the select Utility.

Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

Step 3 ====> From here select PureVPN and click on download

Step 4 ====> The next action is the downloading in progress

Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

Step 5 ====> Go back to your main menu and then navigate to My Apps ====>PureVPN to launch the app.

Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

You can see, download and install is simple which you can achieve with the steps above. Now let move to the next line of action, which is log in and connect PureVPN

How to Log in and Connect PureVPN App

Now that you have completed the steps above successfully, here are the steps needed to log in and connect to PureVPN App on Amazon FireStick.

Step 1 ====> Go back to your main menu and then navigate to My Apps ====> PureVPN to launch the app. This is the last step under the download and installs PureVPN App.

Step 2 ====> Click Already have an account. You are to click this if you have an active account with PureVPN.

Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

Step 3 ====> If you have an active account, then provide your account details and tap login to continue.

Install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick

Step 4 ====> After you might have logged in, select your desired country. This will take a few seconds before connecting.

Step 5 ====> Then you will get a congratulation message that you are connected to PureVPN.


In conclusion, install PureVPN on Amazon FireStick is a very simple thing to achieve. Everything you need to know is explained in the article.

Want to find out even more about Pure VPN? Make sure to check out our Pure VPN Review for detailed information about this VPN provider

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