How to Access Blocked Sites in Pakistan Using a VPN

Access Blocked Sites in Pakistan Using a VPN

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Pakistan has a very interesting history when it comes to the internet and censorship. Social media sites like Facebook has been banned in previous years after a competition gained popularity asking people to draw the Prophet Mohammed. In Pakistan, anything deemed as blasphemous against Islam and the Prophet Mohammed is banned and can be punishable by law or death sentence.

Anti-Islam messages are simply not tolerated and for this reason, the internet is intermittently monitored, restricting connectivity during religious holidays and mobile activity during these periods too.

Fortunately, a VPN service can help you overcome these restrictions by giving you a foreign IP, protecting your data, and helping you beat Pakistan’s censorship blocks. In this article, we will explain how this works, what to look for in a VPN for Pakistan, and why you should avoid free services that can steal your data (or worse). Read on to learn all of the above and find some incredible VPN deals below.

We advise you to use a VPN while surfing the net in Pakistan. Have a look at the best providers in 2019:

ExpressVPN : The best VPN for Pakistan, it offers robust protocols and military-grade encryption.

NordVPN : Super-fast provider with friendly support, a no-logging policy and easy-to-use apps.

VyprVPN : Reliable VPN for Pakistan with unlimited bandwidth and 5 simultaneous connections.

PureVPN : Perfect choice for Pakistan as it will help you to bypass geo-blocking, it offers over 3000 servers worldwide.

ProtonVPN : Unlimited server switching, 24/7 customer support, anonymous torrenting.

What to Look for in a VPN to Unblocked Sites Pakistan

Pakistani users face website restrictions in Pakistan for 2 main reasons. The first and most important one is government interference and censorship. Another one is geoblocking by website and streaming service companies. Here are the specific features that will help you beat both and unlock all the websites you want to use.

Speed and bandwidth limits: If you run out of speed or bandwidth with your VPN provider, you can no longer unblock websites. To make sure this doesn’t happen, go for someone with unlimited traffic and no speed caps or restrictions. Where possible, look for unlimited server switches too.

Encryption: Specific encryption standards can help beat censorship and keep your data secure at the same time. Look for AES-256 bit encryption for security, and 2 specific standards – SSTP and PPTP – if you want to view blocked websites while in Pakistan.

Server networks: The more countries you can get an IP from, the more websites you can unblock. If you want to see Netflix’s full library, watch Canada’s CBC, stream NFL/NHL/NBA games, and more, you will want a provider with servers in as many countries as possible.

Logging policy: Consuming content that’s banned in Pakistan can land you in hot water with the law. Protect yourself by choosing a provider with a no-logging or zero-logging policy that means your data is neither recorded nor stored.

Are VPNs Legal in Pakistan?

The problem with Pakistan is that their internet rules and regulations change frequently and it can be difficult to keep up with what has been banned or censored. In the past, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as Wikipedia have all been banned.

In brief, if you are a resident of Pakistan then it can be difficult to keep up to date with what is allowed and what is prohibited. The good news is that VPNs have not been banned from Pakistan to this date, of course, this is subject to change!

There is a slight setback though VPNs are allowed if they are registered and any unregistered VPNs are blocked. The problem with a registered VPN is that it may leak your information to the government but so long as you find the right type of VPN provider this should not be a problem.

How to Access Blocked Sites in Pakistan Using a VPN

So, it is time to unblock restricted sites in Pakistan and enjoy multiple opportunities and make the network the best Internet in Pakistan. How to do this with VPN for Pakistan?

Follow the steps below to un-blocked Sites in Pakistan

Step 1 ====> Choose the best VPN for Pakistan for yourself as listed above.

Step 2 ====> Visit the website of the VPN provider and subscribe for the plan.

Step 3 ====> Download and install the app for your device.

Step 4 ====> Turn the VPN app on and change your IP address into another one, offered by your VPN provider.

Qualities of the Best VPN for Pakistan

If you want to subscribe to a high-quality VPN for Pakistan that unblocks all the restricted services in your country, you need to learn some qualities the best VPN for Pakistan should have:

====> Professional 24/7 technical assistance

====> Multiple servers locations

====> Strong encryption protocols & Secure tunneling

====> Different payment methods acceptance

====> A trial version and money-back guarantee

====> No bandwidth or speed limits

List of Blocked Sites in Pakistan

* Only parts of the site are blocked.

====> Wikipedia*

====> Twitter*

====> Facebook*

====> YouTube*

====> The Guardian*











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Conclusion on How to Access Blocked Sites

Usually, the Internet in Pakistan is severally restricted by businesses and the government. A VPN can help you access the free web and watch whatever you like including full Netflix libraries. What are you going to use your VPN connection for? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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