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hostgator affiliate

HostGator is a well-known Web hosting company, they offer the best hosting service to their customers. Aside from this, there is another benefit I will like to introduce to you from HostGator. They offer a program called HostGator Affiliate program.

This is another way to earn money from your blog or website, there is no limit to what you can earn from HostGator Affiliate.

You will be wondering how are you going to be making money from HostGator Affiliate. The process is simple, what you need do is to sign up for affiliate program on Host Gator website.

I can honestly recommend Hostgator hosting service for my friends for their excellent service and Quality customer support.

HostGator Affiliate

The affiliate program is common to every web hosting companies. Unlike other web hosting affiliate companies, HostGator offer the highest affiliate commission. This simply means with HostGator affiliate program you can earn more money than any other web hosting affiliate commission.

Another thing here is that you don’t need to buy hosting service before you can become an affiliate partner on Host Gator.

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Therefore, their affiliate program is open for everyone who is willing to join the program. If you have been looking for the complete guide on how you can sign up for HostGator affiliate program. I am happy for you because you are the right place to learn the step by step guide to registering for the affiliate program on HostGator.

Step by Step to SignUp for HostGator Affiliate

Here is time to put you through the whole simple process to sign up for the affiliate program on HostGator.

Step 1 ====> On your browser, go to Hostgator website

Step 2 ====> At the top right corner on the screen, you will see affiliate, then click on it.

hostgator affiliate

Step 3 ====> It will take you to the signup page, Click Sign up today and fill all your details. This will take up to five pages, they are very simple, just follow the pages and provide your details.

hostgator affiliate

After submission of your form, you will receive a message on the email you provide in the course of registration, informing you that you are welcome to the affiliate program.

It will also state that your form is under review and you will be notified when approved.

Step 4 ====> After Signing in you can able to see the options page like in the below pic, where you can choose your banner links as well as payment info settings, commissions settings etc..,

Finally on HostGator Affiliate

From the few steps above, you can see it is very easy to sign up for Host Gator affiliate program. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

After that, you place banners on your website or blog for promotion, as soon as you make sales. You will get your commission from that sales, the amount you can make is unlimited.

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