HawkHost Web Hosting Review

HawkHost Web Hosting Review

HawkHost is not as popular as BlueHost and HostGator. Hawk Host is gaining traction or popularity these days as they render reasonable services to their customers. Hawk Host is doing a wonderful job to certify their customers.

HawkHost started operating as far back as 2004, they provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated and virtual hosting in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG, Hong Kong China, and Toronto CA.

The company had already been rebranded following the departure of one of the company founders; it then picked up the HawkHost name in 2008. This means that HawkHost has amassed nearly a decade’s worth of experience in the business of web hosting.

The primary focus of its service catalogue appears to be shared web hosting. It also offers reseller, semi-dedicated and VPS hosting on the side as mentioned above.

If you have a new business or blog and don’t mind paying a few bucks extra to lock in a month-to-month web hosting plansHawk Host might be worth checking out.

A lot of the most popular hosting companies you’ll hear about also have a massive list of past customers who had awful experiences, because there’s a certain point where a host becomes so huge that they are not really able to take care of their customers properly anymore.

HawkHost has not sold out to one of those notorious corporations, and they continue to do what they do best, which is offering very affordable hosting for when you just need something very basic and cheap. If you want a web hosting on your new blog, HawkHost is the right one.

Free Website Migration on HawkHost

Irrespective of your plan on Hawk Host, they are always a free website migration support. Therefore, if you are having another website on another web hosting company, switching host is never a problem.

HawkHost Hosting Plans

HawkHost is embedded with four shared hosting plans for customers to choose from. Each plan is priced on a scale, starting from monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly payment options.

Hawk Host Reseller plans are structured in this way, 15 GB Disk space, 300 GB monthly bandwidth with a maximum of 50 cPanel account. This also scales up to 60GB disk space, 1200 GB monthly bandwidth and a maximum of 200 control panel accounts.

On the other hand, shared hosting plans work their way up from 3,000 MB disk space and 45 GB monthly bandwidth (Basic plan) up to 24,000 MB disk space and 360 GB monthly bandwidth (Super). All shared hosting plans allow for unlimited email accounts, domains and MySQL databases, and all can be ordered with CloudLinux or LiteSpeed.

Meanwhile, semi-dedicated hosting plans for customers who want more power without the expense of dedicated servers. Plans start with 20,000 MB disk space and 350 GB monthly bandwidth and scale up to 50,000 MB disk space and 1,200 GB monthly bandwidth.

Also, there is an affiliate program that HawkHost customers can use to generate referral payments.

HawkHost Web Hosting Value and Prices

It is always interesting to compare price and value because these can mean different things to different people. Getting your money’s worth on a $2.24/mo server, or a $500/mo server are two very different levels of service.

Let us break down the different offerings from Hawk Host in order to help you decide two things. First of all, is HawkHost right for you? And secondly, which one of their packages should you go with for?

HawkHost Web Hosting Review

HawkHost is most well known for its shared hosting servers, but they also offer semi-dedicated, reseller packages, and VPS packages. Their shared hosting is super reasonably priced, and their VPS’ start at $18 per month.

Their shared packages start at around $3 and provide you with 10,000MB of high-speed SSD storage space for your websites and important files.

They offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited domains, and unlimited free SSL certificates.

HawkHost Control Panel

The well-known cPanel control panel is offered for most site management needs. Customers can also select a multilingual cPanel skin if they prefer. Experienced hosting customers will be familiar with cPanel, and resellers will feel comfortable with its companion tool, WHM.

HawkHost Web Hosting Review

VPS customers are provisioned with a customised control panel, although they can pay extra for cPanel, which is a nice touch. The custom panel looks to be relatively well designed anyway and will satisfy most VPS customers’ needs on a basic level.

Support for Many CMSS and One-Click Installations

HawkHost support multiple content management platform which includes Magento, Drupal Joomla and WordPress.You receive a wide variety of system-specific tools, along with the convenience of just single click installation. Click here to subscribe todayyou will never regret.

Customer Support and Uptime Guarantee

When it comes to customer support, they are there, you will be given a solid deal along with reliable technical support. On the aspect of uptime, you get 99.9 % guarantee Uptime support.

Hawk Host Additional features

There are various additional benefits associated with all shared hosting plan which include the following.

====> At least 10,000 MB of space (goes up to unlimited)

====> A fress SSL certificate

====> Unlimited domains

====> Unlimited bandwidth

====> Lightspeed web server

====> SSD (solid-state drive) storage, for speed

====> Unlimited databases

====> A free Memcached server

Another interesting feature is that on HawkHost, you can choose preffer location for your hosted website.

Available Hosting Plan on Hawk Host

To start with this, it amazed me and thereby pointing out that HowaHost has a month money back guarantee.

This is particularly useful for those who subscribed up for a multi-year account since you can still get all of that money returned. On Shared hosting plan, you choose among the below-listed features.

====> Databases and domains

====> Free SSL certificates

====> Memcached servers

====> Unlimited bandwidth

====> 10,000 MB of space

====> Free migrations

Choose Your Operating System

The VPS plans all have strong control panels along with support for these operating systems:

====> CentOS

====> Ubuntu

====> Debian

====> Fedora

VPS Sample Packages

The following are sample packages you might come across on VPS HawkHost.

====> Equal share CPU, 1024 MB of memory, an SSD powered environment, 30 GB of space, and 1500 GB of bandwidth

====> Equal share CPU, 2048 MB of memory, an SSD powered environment, 40 GB of space, and 2000 GB of bandwidth

====> Equal share CPU, 4096 MB of memory, an SSD powered environment, 50 GB of space, and 3000 GB of bandwidth.

The Technical Specifications for Hawk Host VPS Accounts

====> SSD Powered with RAID10

====> Newest Generation Intel Processors

====> Minimum 64GB Memory

====> 1 GB Network Ports

====> Control panel included for free

====> Ability to view VPS resources and usage

====> Ability to build and repair your VPS

====> 24/7/365 Support

====> Support staff trained in all Linux operating systems

====> All VPS plans are semi-managed

====> Hosting and cPanel/WHM specialists available

====> Unlimited incoming and outgoing email

====> Unlimited email accounts

====> Your choice of mail server software

Domain services

Hawk Host provides a domain name research and buying tool, meaning you can either transfer over a previously-owned domain name or find a brand new one.

New domain names generally cost about $10 per year, but you could end up spending thousands of dollars if the domain name is already owned. In this case, it is generally recommended to keep searching for suitable domains until you find one that’s reasonably priced.

After buying an initial domain, you can set up an unlimited number of add-on domains, parked domains, and subdomains. Domain redirects are also supported, making it easier to send people to the right place.

HawkHost is good for you, are you planning on blogging and need web hosting that suit your work, the go for HawkHost. You will never regret using this hosting company, I have tried it and work well for me. You too can enjoy what I am benefiting here with small money.

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