cPanel Login: How to Fix HostGator Invalid cPanel Login

fix-hostgator-invalid-cpanel login

HostGator is among the leading web hosting companies in the world today. You will fill bad if you find it hard to access cPanel on your account. How to fix HostGator invalid cPanel Login is the focus of this article? Recently, I started one of my new blog using the amazing WordPress platform.

To be so sure of my website’s hosting and SEO future, I decided to match it with Hostgator. With that, I subscribed to their baby account hosting package which is by the way so awesome and very affordable. With a few dollars, my count was created, just like that.

Of course, I got a 25% discount off the original price with that for using a friend’s referral link. This is good enough, you can as well get another 25% discount in hosting, you can access this through my referral link here to sign up using their platform.

A lot of people try this out, that is buying a domain name from other company like Godday. This is good, but it is better to get your domain name from HostGator than using a company like Godday and others.

After a few seconds, Hostgator emailed me about the registration and sent me my Control Panel Admin username and password. With that, I easily installed WordPress through its software services.

It is so unbelievable to be advanced now as using Hostgator for my hosting and domain name service, all I had to do was tap the WordPress icon and move on.

After about five seconds, WordPress was successfully installed and they gave me my WordPress admin username and password for that.

But then I knew I had to wait for like 3 hours or so to see my website live and active. After about three hours, I came back again in my Hostgator Cpanel. I checked the URL of my new website and was surprised to see it is not yet working.

I quickly logged out of my cPanel and log in again,  to my surprise, I got this message: Invalid Cpanel Login. I typed my username and password again and double checked them but still, that crappy message appeared. From here we move to the next subtopic.

Common Causes of Invalid cPanel Login Username and Password:

fix-hostgator-invalid-cpanel login

====> This could be as a result of first time user.

====> This could be as a result of users outside the United State of America.

====> This could be as a result of more identification requirements.

How I Fixed & Solved my HostGator Invalid cPanel Login

I calm myself, I checked my Gmail inbox and found out Hostgator message. Turned out I had to verify my account with them. Since I am a new member and I live outside the United States, I think they need more info about my account, my identification and my billing stuff.

I scanned a copy of my valid ID and the credit card I used in paying for the hosting services. Which I did send immediately.

Few hours latter, Hostgator activated my account back. Now, I can log in to my Hostgator cPanel again.

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